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We provide thousands of homes and businesses with their daily needs of fresh produce.


Our Story

The inspiration for FBP Agriventures Inc. started all the way in the early 2000’s. The founder was an OFW working in an agritourist hotel. As the manager of the hotel, she needed a supplier of fruits and vegetables. So, she partnered with a business that supplied such produce. Years later, she returned to the Philippines and worked for a hotel in Baguio City. And the same problem was there: A consistent supplier of fruits and vegetables.

The owner decided to take matters into her own hands and created a business that supplies businesses the produce that they need. That was the start of FBP Agriventures Inc. From fruits and vegetables, we expanded to groceries and personal needs.

After a year, FBP Agriventures Inc. has expanded out of Baguio City and now caters its produce nationwide. With a demand of fresh produce growing higher and higher every year, we are now in talks with partners in a global scale.

We are now a one-stop-shop for your home or business’s needs.

Farm to Table

All our produce come straight from our local farmers and is guaranteed fresh. Truly a farm to table purchase.

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Quality Products

Straight from the farms. Fresh and affordable guaranteed

Wide Assortment

We partnered with different farmers offering different kinds of produce

Free Delivery

For Baguio and Benguet. For other locations, shipping fee applies

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No banking information about you is transmitted via the online shop.

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